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Vision Board Workshop:
Goal Set & Mingle

Join us for an exciting Live Happier event at the Jazzercise Santa Cruz Studio in the Capitola Mall. Get ready to design your 2024 Strategic Vision Board! In this workshop, we'll work together to define the right goals for how you want to feel. Then we develop a strategic plan with objectives, routine changes and conditions for success to get you there.

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Goal Organizer Worksheet

Use this sheet to define your goals and set up condition for success so you can feel confident about achieving them.

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Meal Planning Guide

Tips and strategies for weekly meal planning. Getting nutritious meals on the table each night is easier said that done. Hopefully these tips will help. 

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Monthly Reflection Worksheet

A prompt for monthly personal reflection. Make it a priority to check in with your health, happiness and goals each month. Go through each month with intention. 

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Chore Chart Organizer

Chores are a huge time suck and become even more stressful when you don't have a clear, repeatable system. Copy and edit this Chore Chart Organizer to work for your household.

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Free Templates

Many Hats Responsibility Chart

Role responsibility chart. Categorize your list of responsibilities. Create important reminders to keep you focused and motivated to manage these roles to the best of your abilities.

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Home Menu Template

Use this home menu template to list your available meal options for the week. Hang it on the fridge to make meal choices easier for the family. Bonus: I included our menu to give you ideas. 

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What is a Wellness Coach?

A Health and Wellness Coach helps people become the healthiest and best version of themselves. 


The Wellness Bar for Business Owners

Create a personalized foundational wellness system that you can always lean on to help you feel energized, clear headed and empowered to be the CEO you've dreamt about.

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Blog Resources


Shelter-at-home Journaling Template

This template provides questions for six different areas of personal reflection during this challenging COVID-19 time.  

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Pandemic Reflection - Journal Prompts

Use this worksheet to reflect on your pandemic experience. Close out this time intentionally and without overlooking the significant moments and lessons.

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