It’s a resource for busy working women (in and out of the home), specifically in the young family (or preparing for a family) phase of life, who want tools and support to make their healthy habits more of a focus in the midst of a busy schedule.

Live Happier Wellness...

what is it?

In my late-20s, I had a quarter life crisis.

I WANTED better health and a happier work week.

I was working long hours for a job that I once loved, but no longer fulfilled me. I was mentally exhausted from work and most of my extra time was spent “recovering” from my daily work stress. I wasn’t unhappy, but I knew there had to be more to my life than feeling like I was living to work. I wanted to take more adventures, work on myself, try out new hobbies that made me feel full. I knew this was the start of a transformation. 

The problem was, I didn’t know how to start. I didn't know how to make my goals a priority. 

One day, I decided enough was enough; I needed to be proactive. I decided to accept support and I joined a coaching program which changed my entire perspective. I knew what I wanted, but I needed someone to help clarify my needs, break down my goals into actionable steps, uncover my barriers and keep me accountable. And more than anything, I needed the support and encouragement of someone who understood what I was going through.

I became a certified health coach with life coaching training.
I’ve helped busy women MAKE THEIR PERSONAL goals A PRIORITY. 

A few years later, I'm where I dreamt I would be.

It’s no secret that we have created an overworked, stressful corporate work culture that has led to various health epidemics.

We particularly have unrealistic expectations for women who take on the majority of family work while typically getting paid less than men. 

Now take into account that quarter lifers tend to be dealing with a lot of change all at once (career growth, school debt, rent or new mortgage, starting a family) with very little support compared to years leading up, which leads to stress and overwhelm. 

Teachers help us learn in school. Sport coaches teach us new skills and motivate us to progress. Career counselors guide us in college. Then what?

Love it. Tell me more!

We need to support women and change the system to allow her to be a kickass career women and take care of herself.

1. Wellness Personal Assistant Services and group classes: to get 1-1 support to create your system. 

2. Resources: to get organized and to stay on track.

That's why I created the following:

Live Happier includes: 

  • Professional Growth Coaching
  • A Robust Online Community
  • Local Networking Events and Workshops
  • Exclusive content about self development, habits, organization, health, relationships, motherhood, parenting, mindfulness 

Because Live Happier is built on personal interaction, we take on a limited amount of clients at a time. 

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  • Personal Health Coaching 
  • A Supportive Community 
  • Local and Online Networking Events and Workshops 
  • Exclusive content about self development, habits, organization, health, relationships, motherhood, parenting, mindfulness 

Happier, more empowered women can change our world!

The Live Happier Mission

When we have the courage to do this, we show others that it’s possible for them too, and it creates a ripple effect. That is our goal, to create a "Live Happier" ripple.

My mission is to empower women to make themselves a priority in the midst of a busy career and family life to improve our stressful work culture.