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This is the workbook we go through in the Wellness Bar group, but you don't have to be in the Wellness Bar to utilize all these helpful tools. Now you can purchase the workbook separately and take yourself through the exercises. 

This workbook is 45 pages of goal setting, routine building and lifestyle organization worksheets. The resources included are:

  • The Live Happier strategic goal setting exercise - a different approach to goal setting. 
  • Wheel of Life & Life Category Assessment 
  • Two Routine Builder Options
  • This Is Me Worksheet
  • Design My Life Worksheet
  • Build Your Sunday Routine 
  • My Many Hats: Responsibilities Organizer
  • Happiness Manifesto 
  • Identify Your Barriers
  • My Self-Care Practices 
  • My Bucket List
  • My Reading List
  • My Inspiration List 

THE Features

Wellness Workbook

01. 45 pages of worksheets

02. Printed and coil bound

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